What is a bunion?
A bunion, also referred to as hallux valgus, is one of the most common forefoot deformities. A bunion is an enlarged bump on the inside of the foot at the great toe joint. The bump is caused from the great toe being pushed towards the second toe.
A bunion can be due to: genetics, biomechanical abnormalities or even tight fitting shoes. Bunions can occur at any time in your life. Once the bunion develops, it will gradually increase in size overtime and eventually become painful.

Pain and redness at the bump. Difficulty fitting into shoes. Pain with motion at the great toe joint.

The diagnosis can be made by physical and visual examination. X-rays need to be taken to determine the severity of the bunion deformity.
Conservative treatment can be implemented in the early stages of the deformity. Anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful to decrease pain and inflammation. Try wearing comfortable shoes with a wide toe box. The patient should avoid tight fitting shoes and activities that intensify the symptoms. If conservative care fails, your surgeon will recommend surgical intervention.

When conservative intervention has failed, surgery may be indicated. Surgery involves removing the prominent bump and correcting the bony and soft tissue deformities.

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